I think I’ve uncovered my real motivation for wanting to write a book – I want to play with the cool software that was developed for people who are writing books.

Not kidding, either!

However, I am definitely working on the book itself too – otherwise it is impossible to justify the software that I’m looking at. Not that it’s expensive, just … why spend that money if you’re not using it?

And the book thing is definitely fun, and it’s definitely eye-opening. I can see why people say that writing is the process of discovering more about yourself.

So far I think I’m up to 6 pages. What’s that, 1/50th of the book done? 🙂

I still don’t have a plot. It’s still just a couple scenes with a couple characters.

One thing I’ve found is that the pictures I have in my head are much much harder to put into words than I thought they’d be. I suppose this is why I am a photographer not a writer!

Actually, I am not very surprised that the scenes are hard to adequately reproduce in words. I’ve always had difficulty putting words to images in my head. I’m what I describe as a “visual thinker”. I don’t know if this has an official meaning by some official person somewhere. If so I probably mean something different. I just mean that concepts and ideas tend to be shapes and colors, and things that I see as a picture in my head. When I try to explain these things – even something as simple as “this water bowl goes under that specific tree over there” – I have a hard time.

It’s easier for me if it’s something I’ve read or talked a lot about already. Or something that I never had a picture in my mind for. I guess in that case it’s always been words.

But when it’s a picture in my head, I always have this frustrating feeling that I wish I could send the picture in my head instead of trying to translate it into words.

You wouldn’t think it would be so difficult to describe which tree I’m talking about, after all.

When it comes to things having to do with characters and events, something that I am conceiving in my mind for the purpose of translating into words…it’s definitely a challenge.

A fun one, one that I’ll hopefully learn from, and I have hopes that the process will be rewarding.

We shall see…