I think I might write a book. I don’t usually have this urge, but I do have a curiosity about it. I just wonder what it would take to write a 200-300 page novel, and whether I have it in me. It would be tough to manage if I have no ideas, so hopefully I’ll come up with something. Mostly, though, I am curious about the process.

Curious what it is like to organize it. Curious whether it makes sense to write bits here and there. Curious how you’d keep track of the details. Curious if I’d be able to finish.

I’m probably going about this in a weird way. I have an opening scene in my mind, but absolutely no idea what I’d want to happen in the book. What’s the point of it, where’s the plot? No idea.

But since I am not going to try to get it published, or even let anyone else read it, I suppose it doesn’t matter. I can write a book full of scenes I enjoy imagining, and leave it at that.

It will give me something for my mind to work on during my bike commutes, or in slow times at work.

Not sure I have the free time to attempt this, but then again, does it matter if it takes years? The trick is to keep at it. I’m not sure my curiosity about the process will last long enough.

So far I have about 2.5 pages written. 1/100 of the way through!