Today was another ride just around the neighborhood.

It was hard to motivate to leave (see adorableness above and below), which is something I struggle with in general. It is a frustrating struggle because I am not certain whether I want to regain some of my motivation to explore, or whether I feel like I should want to regain some motivation to explore. It makes sense to me that I enjoy being home a lot on the weekends – I hardly get to be at home during the week! I like my home, I love my cats, I love being at home with my cats.

Still, it was good to get out. I don’t spend much time wandering in my neighborhood, so it is fun to take another look around. To remember that we have a little path that wanders through along a little stream, to see my little world from a slightly different perspective.

Once I was on my way I had a good time. The weather was gorgeous, it is finally feeling like spring (again).