My ride was epic: to the mailbox that’s almost a half mile away.

The point for these 30 days of biking isn’t mileage, it’s the habit, the repetition, and something else I discovered (again) for myself as I hopped on the bike to go almost nowhere: biking is fun.

I’d tossed around ideas, like riding along the Potomac River on the Mt. Vernon Trail, but then the weather turned pretty nasty when I was on my way home from the sanctuary. It eventually cleared up, but it was getting late. I mostly just wanted to fulfill my ride of the day, and decided that I’d go with the “ride around the neighborhood” just so I didn’t fail on the 2nd day of this 30 day challenge!

And that made me remember I’d be riding right by a mailbox. Which made me remember that my HOA payment is due before the 15th. Which motivated me to write out the check so I could use my quick bike ride around the neighborhood to take care of this rather annoying task!

It was fun. It was so short, I didn’t even bother with a helmet. (Don’t tell the helmet police!) Quiet neighborhood streets, why not? I just threw on some pant cuffs so that I didn’t catch my yoga pants in the chain ring, tied my hair back, and off we went. Of course I took some pictures, that was another part of my motivation!

It felt so good to not need 5+ minutes to get “ready” for a bike ride. It felt good to feel the wind in my hair. To not be carrying much, to just hop on the bike, ugly crocs and all, and go.

So far, 30 days of biking is fulfilling my hopes. It’s getting me on the bike, and it’s going to be a good reminder that biking is, at it’s core, a fun way to get places. Even when those places are just a five minute walk away.