It started with Twitter (doesn’t everything?), and someone mentioning #30daysofbiking.

The concept is simple – bike every day in the month of April. Can be a ride around the block, as long as it’s you on the bike. Or, me, rather.

So I signed up.

In the typical month I have only 8 non-work days, which means only 8 non-bike days. In April I will have 10. I’m taking Tuesday off work to go to a lighting seminar, and I’m going to take the metro into DC for that, so no bike. (I’d think about biking there, but honestly, I would get lost.) Maybe I’ll see what the CaBi is all about while I’m across the river.

So anyway, 10 days out of 30 is a lot more than I expected. I only ride 2/3 of the days in a month? Sure seems like a lot more! But the low threshold – around the block – means I think I can do this.

I have a few specific goals wrapped up in this – I want to do at least one grocery run on the bike. I also want to take some different-for-me bikes for test rides at the bike shop. A folder, maybe. A cargo bike too.

30 days. I can do 30 days, right?