I tend to hunker down at my desk when I’m at work, getting up only for necessities. There are about 100 people who work in my building, and I probably know only 20 by name. This becomes disconcerting when I realize that many more people than that know me by name. Even most of the people who don’t know me by my given name know me by my other name: The Biker.

I met one of these people in the break room today as I got hot water for my tea. “You bike all winter long!” was his conversation starter. He was amazed that I rode 13.5 miles each way. We talked for a few minutes about the biking and joked about his initial assumption that I get on the Beltway to bike commute (this is a more common belief than you might imagine).

I have no idea who he is. I didn’t even know he worked in the building!

Being The Biker is a great ice-breaker, it’s just not great for learning people’s names!

My three things:
1. Being very pleasantly surprised by the comments on yesterday’s post! To think I didn’t expect anyone to read it!
2. When I arrived at the stream today, the sun was this giant ball of fire. In the past, this frustrated me from a photographic standpoint, today it thrilled me. It looked warm, even though it was still only 26 degrees. I needed that ball of fire, it was food for the soul!
3. I realized while at work that Monday is a holiday. For some reason it wasn’t registering that this weekend is a 3 day weekend. So happy to realize!