I’m taking a class these days. Most Good, Least Harm. It’s been interesting so far. It’s a lot about introspection, reflection, aligning behavior with belief. Right up my ally, and in many ways it becomes challenging because I’ve already thought about so much of what is brought up, I’ve already made so many changes.

When you’re someone who uses cloth handkerchiefs and cloth napkins and cloth everything except toilet paper, it’s hard when you look at your trash for the day to find things you can realistically reduce.

Okay, clif bars, I’m guilty. I will look for a solution/replacement and give up my reliance on clif bars!

Today we talked about joy. I’d had so much joy in the morning – getting out onto icy streets on the bike might not sound like a recipe for joy, but add the studs I was trying out for the first time on the “new” beater I was riding for the first time, and it was pure joy. Horizons expanding, the world at my feet kind of joy.

Work was frustrating though. I even switched to tea, because coffee makes me more irritable, but man…I was irritated all day long today. And then the ride home felt so hard.

It was windy. It happens. And the studs add considerable resistance, only worth riding when the roads are sketchy, and they’d pretty much dried up between this morning and this afternoon, so it was more work for little benefit. But still, the extra work seemed more extra than it should be.

And I found out why when I got home. One of the rear brake pads was flush against the rim of the tire. I don’t know why, it was adjusted just fine this morning. I tried to adjust it after I got home, but it didn’t seem to be working so well. Frustrating. But exhaustion explained!

Still, there was the lingering frustration. And then I sat down to recount my joy-filled-moments for this class, and … magic! I felt the joy all over again! My mood was brightened, I felt free of those frustrations.

I was reminded of the three positive things I used to record on this blog. And in going back to find where that started, I realized something. I kind of like this blog! Maybe I’ll start blogging here again, the random collection of jumbled life experiences…

If nothing else, it’s a place to share my three things:
1. Studded tires on icy roads
2. Vertical slash of sunrise-colored sunlight at the stream
3. Refinding joy by remembering and describing it