I have a tendency to get t-shirts in dark colors. It’s just what I prefer. But on the bike I feel like lighter colors are better, even if part of me thinks that unless you’re wearing day-glo yellow, it doesn’t actually matter. Still, the bike commuting has driven me to get some t-shirts in white or light colors.

One of them is a bike themed t-shirt. “till death” by twin six.

This is a shirt that has never really done it for me. That is, the shirt fits fine and is comfortable, but I always found the graphic a bit…off. It just didn’t work for me. I got the t-shirt because it was light in color, no more, no less.

Oh, and I think it was on sale.

Anyway, I’ve worn it many times on my bike commutes, once a week all summer long. All summer long being an important point, as you’ll see. Yet yesterday was the first day I noticed the hidden message…the hidden message that I’d been revealing all summer long, and neglected to notice!

Yes, indeed, when you sweat on the bike, the graphic suddenly works a whole lot better! You create the “lake” graphic via sweat!

I find this incredibly witty of twin six. I didn’t know a t-shirt could use sweat to be witty, but by george they’ve done it!

This has immediately become one of my favorite bike-themed t-shirts!