This has bugged me, on a low level, for a couple weeks. A coworker sometimes emails me with questions about health and specific foods, things like that. He’s changing his diet for health reasons, so he’s researching a lot, and my Bike Commuting Vegan status (aka, Office Freak) has firmly embedded in everyone’s mind that I’m the go-to person for health.

That’s okay with me. I don’t mind answering the questions, or sharing resources that have helped me research things in the past.

What bugged me was that in one of these emails he made some off the wall comment about people who don’t know how to spell their own names. A bit of a weirdness there, since in that email he spelled my name incorrectly. Something that’s an annoyance of its own, given that the way work email systems work, you have the name right there in the “to” box, which should theoretically make a misspelling impossible.

Given what he said in the email about people who don’t know how to spell their own names, it made me think that he was directing this comment to me. It confuses me. Does he think I’m misspelling my name? What kind of arrogance does it take to tell someone that they misspell their name, since whatever we have on our legal documents is, technically, the correct spelling of our names?

My name, my full name, is not spelled in the most common way. It is, oddly, the Latin spelling, though, so it is arguably the most correct of all the spellings, simply as the oldest (I believe) spelling. If that actually matters!

When I responded to his email I made sure to sign with my name. My correctly, if not commonly, spelled name.

He has since then spelled my name correctly in his emails to me, but once in a while he’ll include a “(sic)” after my name.

What the hell is that about?

It makes me want to call him Joe in some future email. Not his name. Not even close. But if I’m “Debora (sic)”, then he can be Joe.