July 29, 2008, I biked to work for the first time.

I told a friend that I feel like Superman without the blue lycra. I went into the bathroom stall a hero (okay, a bike commuter, but with all these endorphins I feel like a hero) and came out a software engineer.

What I didn’t mention in that post, for some reason, but what has stuck strongly and the most clearly in my mind about that first commute is that when I got on the bike, turned from my little side road onto the slightly bigger road and coasted up to the light…I was overwhelmed with this feeling of freedom, with the realization that I was thrilled, 1.2 minutes into the ride, simply because I was heading out without a car, without the need for a car.

That feeling has never quite left me .

My route has changed a little in the past year. I like it more now than ever.

And now I ride The Big Hill.