For me, European bike trips have never been about riding from Point A to Point B. My buddies and I far prefer the explorative method of riding. Rather than being blown off the bigger “red roads” by the noise and dust of passing semis, we seek out the serenity and quiet of remote alpine valleys on the smaller “white roads” – views of massive rock faces and glaciers at every turn. We’ve carried road bikes on our shoulders over high mountain passes, slid down vast glaciers along side our bicycles, and stumbled upon more quaint villages than I can count.

-Gary, founder and owner of clif bar & company

For me, I haven’t gone on a bike trip yet. Every Saturday when I drive to the Sanctuary, I think and dream about riding there. 35-40 miles each way. About twice what I do on a workday for my bike commutes. Worries about my fitness and about getting lost are what stop me, the kind of worries that will seem absurd once I get on my bike and do it.

There’s something about the bike. It is therapy, it is fun. It is transportation, it is independence. It feels good.