A quote from yoga class:

“What we have done is who we are. What we do is who we will become.”

I think about this quote often. On the bike, at work, random other times. Simple, but it has a lot of significance for me. The hope of change, the acceptance of my past mistakes, the confidence that I have some say in myself.

It is pretty similar to “be the change.”

But just different enough that it is more significant to me.

I made a long-needed change at work, firmed up my work habits. It felt good. It was overdue. I have a lot of excuses for why I got into bad habits to begin with, but in changing those habits I was able to accept that I allowed the bad habits to form, that my excuses were only one piece of the reason.

I have other changes I need to make.

I’m actually looking forward to tackling them.