The past few days it has been a couple degrees warmer where I work than where I live. At other times it has been 10 degrees colder. It is only 14.5 miles apart, but microclimates seem the norm in this area. A 10 degree difference between places that close is common, though not guaranteed.

As I got coffee shortly after I arrived at work, a coworker was insisting that it must be in the low teens outside. I didn’t think so, I thought it was likely in the low 20’s. That’s what it was when I left home, after all, at least that’s what it was AT home when I left. It hadn’t felt significantly colder as I got closer to work, either, especially considering I had the typical layer of damp on the outside of my fleece and the inside of my windbreaker at the end of my ride.

So I was surprised when I looked up the temp an hour or so after I got to work. 12 degrees at work. 12 degrees!

I told my coworker that he was right, that it was in the low teens. He came over to my desk, sat down and asked, “what are you doing riding your bike in 12 degree weather?”

“Sweating,” I replied.