I miss maui. I miss the strangers I was so briefly friends with, I miss the air, the spirit, the way of being there.

It is beautiful, and it is warm, and it is an easy place to love.

Does that create the “aloha spirit”, or is it the people infecting each other?

I don’t know, and I guess it doesn’t matter why so much as that it is.

I tried to bring it back with me, but everything feels sharp and ill-fitting here. Conversations are stilted, people are careful to keep their distance. Drivers show a selfish disregard, an impatience.

I saw only one other biker today, but it was a holiday so that was no surprise. The other biker gave a big acknowledgement across the four lanes of traffic separating us. He carried a couple of extra tires on his bike with him, worn like hula hoops.

My curiosity was aroused. I’d love to know his story. The story of his today.

That’s the piece of aloha spirit I’ve retained. I’ll make the effort to nurture it. What was effortless on maui requires careful attention here. The congested lanes of traffic are too often in the way.