It is winter, even if the near 70 degrees on Sunday and the past two 50 degree afternoons make it easy to forget. And since it is winter, and I’m spending a couple of hours each day outside in the elements, I’ve been spending a lot of time on

I’m not sure if it is the most accurate weather site, but it has the information that I need, and I figure that at this point it is all relative information. If tells me that it is 30 degrees and I wear a certain combination of layers that works, then I know what to wear next time tells me it is around that temp…even if is off by something, as long as it is consistent, it still gives me the information I need to make my clothing decisions.

Plus I almost always have more options in my pannier.

Every once in a while when I refresh the screen for the updates on the temps and conditions, a video ad on the page starts playing. It is set to a song.

“baby it’s cold outside…”

An old fashioned kind of crooning song. It make me laugh for some reason. Maybe because that’s the refrain my coworkers keep singing. They do approve of me riding on days like today, however.

Little do they know that the wind is exhausting. Warm it was, but it was harder work by far than the 17 degree mornings thought to be.

Who would have ever thought I’d willingly brave those kind of temps to ride my bike to work?

Not me.