Third time is the charm?

I continued my trend this morning, despite my best intentions, of leaving even later than the day before. Just a few minutes later each day, day after day…and I’m now getting to work an hour later than I used to! Perhaps my schedule is mimicking the light we continue to lose for the next few days.

Pedaling on the road towards the first stoplight right after leaving my condo, I saw a white blinking light on a bike ahead of me. I was pretty sure it was my new stoplight friend, and it was.

I caught up to him, and we pedaled leisurely towards the red light. I told him it was great to see that he’d started using his light, and we continued to talk about winter bike riding.

It wasn’t a long conversation, lasting only until the light turned green, but it was a great way to start the day.

My tribe, these bikers are. We’re a diverse bunch, but merely getting out on our bikes to make our way to work creates a bond between us. That daily choice renders us almost invisible to those battling congestion inside their glass and steel, but to each other, we are beacons. Assurance that we are not alone, that there is solidarity to be found.

“Morning!” a biker greeted me enthusiastically as we passed each other on the small neighborhood streets that connect to the break in the sound wall that so many of us use.

My tribe. Community made possible by stepping out of our cars and onto our bikes, removing the barriers that make simple greetings impossible.

apropos of nothing

apropos of nothing