Just so I can ride to work in it.

And, I suppose, get past that hurdle of the next round of coworker comments.

Today I drove. First thing one of my podmates said was “decided to drive in this weather?”

And I was offended, I’ll be honest.

“No, it wasn’t a choice. I have an appointment that required I drive today. I’d have been much safer on the bike, and less cranky too.”

It was rainy all day, but above 40, so nothing extreme in terms of weather (assuming you’re neither the wicked witch of the west, nor made of sugar). I found myself stressed, big time, as I maneuvered my hunk of steel (is it even steel?) and glass along the highway with other speeding drivers. I drive slower now that I’m less numb to the issue of speed, but I was still speeding today, primarily because driving amongst those going 25 miles over the speed limit, going only the speed limit actually feels dangerous.

So I was going 10 miles over, and on wet slicked roads. With other cars going at least as fast as I was.

And people think that this is safer than being on a bike? You have got to be kidding me. For reals.

I’m so happy that I get to ride my bike to work tomorrow.

40 degrees and rainy, bring it on.

And when it snows? Let it snow.

And when there is a day with freezing rain? Who in their right mind would get on iced roads with any vehicle? Well, maybe on a Zamboni.