Do you ever just have one of those days? I had one today.

As soon as I got on the bike, it felt like I was sitting on acorns. Not exactly like that, just uncomfortable like that. Every once in a while I have that happen, but I kept going. And finally got to work.

Realized as I put my lunch away that I hadn’t looked closely enough at the container, which had the coconut curry to go on top of the rice, but no rice. Or quinoa, really, as that’s what I actually had available in the fridge. But instead, just the straight curry.

On the way home from work, a ride that was much more comfortable than the ride in, I heard a “tink tink tink” and looked down to see the laces of my boot on my right foot (the one near the laces-eating teeth of the chain ring) waving around daring fate. I, naturally, caught a long red light just as it turned red, so I took a moment to tuck the laces in again. And knocked my helmet mirror askew.

Later, luckily not at a big intersection, I went to start across the road and knocked my chain with my boot, and naturally it came clean off. Clean not actually being the right description, as my blackened hands attested to once I got the chain back on. Luckily I was near some overgrown grasses, and between them and water from my water bottle, I was able to mostly clean off the grease.

Then as I went under the bridges, I had the rather rare experience of passing a pedestrian who was going in my same direction on the MUP. I didn’t remember until the last minute to announce my presence, and when I said “on your left”, he startled so badly I was afraid I’d just caused an injury. (Naturally every other time I’ve announced my presence, the people had their ears plugged and nothing short of an air horn would have gotten through.)

Just a bit further four gorgeous deer darted across the path, splashed through the stream, and headed towards the bank on the other side. I fumbled and got my camera out, only to have the message “change battery” flash on the screen once I pushed the power button.

Ah, well, c’est la vie.