Coming from an invigorating bike-related conversation with some helpful folks at the local EMS store, where I picked up some final (I hope) gear for the ongoing freezing-toe issue, I saw a man riding his bike while wearing the extremely eye catching outfit. He headed into the Fort, which he likely was using as a shortcut. At least that is my guess, though I can’t really see the benefit in riding through the fort as opposed to the quiet surface streets that he was so close to!

Nevertheless, it definitely sent a message.

Cars send their own message, of course, but sometimes the owners of those cars feel the need to elaborate, or perhaps specify the main message they’d like to send.

I hope everyone ignores these instructions!

I hope everyone ignores these instructions!

Yes, I live in Redskins country.

I hate the name of the team. I’m also tired of hearing about football. As I’m surrounded by football fans at work, I can tell you things I’d never have imagined knowing about football.

I even know that NY has two football teams! At least I think they do.

Me, if I had to choose a team to root for, it would be the Jets.

“When you’re a Jet, you’re a Jet, all the way from your first cigarette ’till your last dying day.”