There is no way I am going to even try to post every day from here on out, but I do want to keep up with taking pictures every day. I feel like I’ve got some momentum now, and I don’t want to lose it!

Yesterday was a great example of when I, feeling somewhat foolish, just *had* to whip out my little p&s while waiting at a light. Really, given more time, less self-consciousness, and a camera that makes me feel less like I’m shooting by guesswork (in other words, had I had my dSLR with me!), I think I could have gotten the picture I actually had in my head. But this is a pretty good approximation.

I’ve got a thing for reflections, which I really can’t explain!

However, this does allow me to say that I’ve now posted a portrait of myself on my bike. Isn’t that obnoxious yellow of my windbreaker fetching? Thought so!

Today at work someone knocked my bike over. I heard a clatter, and I just *knew* it was my bike. I popped out of my pod, and sure enough, my bike was splayed on the floor. I was able to stop myself from running to the poor baby, but I can only imagine the look on my face. The woman who knocked it over was picking it up, but I took over because a) she’d done enough damage and b) she clearly had no idea how to lean a bike against the wall, and c) I needed to check on the poor thing anyway.

The chain had come partially off, so I had the pleasure of getting my hands greasy at work. It was a pain to try to prop the bike up while messing with the chain, but a couple coworkers came to help me. I think my distress was more clear than I’d have liked.

The fender was a bit skewed, so I had to adjust it a couple times before my front wheel would spin with no friction.

All in all, there wasn’t much damage.

Which isn’t the same as saying there was none.

We got quite a bit of rain Sunday, and there was a gorgeous puddle (reflections, I just can’t help it) that I had my eye on, but not enough motivation to stop for yesterday. So today, slightly diminished, but captivating nonetheless…