You might as well do it in a big way! I knew I was taking a chance when I didn’t post on Thursday before heading to the bus to NYC, but I ran out of time, and catching the bus was definitely a higher priority than posting.

I made sure to take some pics on my way from the train station to Rich’s house, already about 5pm by that point, wondering whether I’d have a chance to upload them and post.

I hadn’t brought my computer, I was heading to a friend’s thanksgiving dinner. Was it realistic to think that at some point before midnight I could say “hey, let me go to the bathroom with a borrowed computer and my memory card and pretend I’m not being antisocial”?

Nope, not at all!

I did feel a slight pang about missing the post, but then again, the entire purpose of my signing up for nablopomo was to actually take pictures every day. Post or no, I took pictures every day in November.

And so I have failed in the nablopomo quest this year, but I succeeded in the driving force behind the challenge itself.

I also am pretty happy with my decision to just ignore blogging, email, and anything online for my weekend away. I’d already missed the challenge, why make the effort to get online when I could just spend it with a friend? And so I was social instead.

As an interesting side note to the weekend, I read “A Highly Sensitive Person” on the bus ride up and back, and in the mornings before Rich and Beanie woke up. I can’t actually decide whether I fit the criteria for a “HSP”, but even if I don’t, there was plenty of insight into some of my needs with regards to being social, as well as some of what is behind the conflict I always feel.

No wonder this book was recommended to me.

In many ways this was an ideal weekend. I had some group socializing, but most of the weekend was spent with just one good friend, tramping over gnarly tree roots, through beanie bushes and fence holes, around graffiti buildings and into a museum, walking endlessly through my favorite part of the city to all of the regular stops I love so much, being disappointed that the vegan ice cream parlor was not open this weekend, but essentially having a social weekend of the kind that suits me best. Not a ton of people, but definitely a ton of interesting conversation.

And pictures.

And desserts.

My bombing of the nablopomo challenge was an unqualified success!