I’ve been having a hard time getting going in the morning, so I left later and later the past two mornings. But…that means the sunrise starts earlier along my commute! Today was the perfect timing for the sky to lighten and start changing colors as I rode the MUP under the bridges.

It was so pretty. I had been determined that I’d get some pictures on my way to work, because otherwise I find myself annoyed in the evenings, with the early dark and the need to figure out what I can take a picture of inside. Yet both processes have been helpful – forcing myself to stop my forward momentum in the morning, to really see what is around me and taking the few moments to capture it, as best I can with my little p&s that travels with me, as well the evening ritual of forcing myself take pictures of my beanie or the laundry room, things I’d never otherwise take pictures of. It is sort of odd to me, that things I find annoying are nevertheless helping me grow!

After I got to work, I was looking at the pictures on my little camera screen, and for some reason decided to take a picture of my feet. And for some reason, I sort of like it, random and not really composed at all as it is!