As I’ve ridden my bike to work these past 4 months, every new type of weather has come with comments from coworkers. They state, with assumed authority, that I “can not” and sometimes “should not” ride in such weather. Or they ask in amazement whether I will ride in whatever the new-to-this-year conditions are.

I know that this is happening primarily because it is a novelty for them. They’re waiting to see what my limits are. They don’t understand me, I don’t understand them. I do wish they’d stop offering unsolicited opinions.

The odd truth, for someone who hates being cold, is that I’ve been enjoying the cold weather riding. My feet still aren’t staying warm, but everything else is. And one of the biggest bonuses is that it is cold enough that the “cagers” are keeping their windows rolled up, and their ignorant opinions to themselves.

I did get a comment the other day…someone driving a car recklessly rolled down their window to shout something that sounded like “aargurrgh”, but likely was “you are my hero”, and almost crashed into the car in front of them, which they apparently neglected to notice was stopped. As I was in the right most travel lane, and they were in the left, I cruised right on by them while they concentrated on not rear-ending the car in front of them. The unsolicited advice from the cage drivers largely came to a stop once the temperatures dropped into the 40’s. Definitely a bonus of cold weather riding.

Though having it balanced out by the unsolicited advice of the coworkers is a bit annoying. Why are they so nosy, anyway?

Today as I put on my under-the-helmet hat, I noticed that the label said “never a bad time to ride.” And it reminded me of a pretty common saying among bikers who don’t limit themselves to fair weather: “there is no such thing as bad conditions, only bad clothing.” Or something like that.