Warning: this post will be littered with photos!

I’m sure everyone knows about that rosy outlook on life. However, sometimes those rose tinted glasses are literally sunglasses with red lenses.

And I can attest that they really do make things look better!

I got them because I needed low-light eye protection. That they did interesting things with the light today was a bonus!

So here begins the litter…as soon as I stepped outside the door, I was struck by the interesting light and cloud interaction. *snap*

It set the stage, I think. I’ve been whining lately about how hard it has been, this daily-photo thing I set myself up for. Today, it was easy, and that was greatly appreciated!

About halfway through my commute, going through the sound wall I talked about a week or two ago, I’m at almost eye level with I-95. I always look at the traffic. It is odd, but if the traffic is jammed up there, it is going to be rough on the road I’ll be on soon, and while it is fine for traveling straight along the road, it makes for a difficult no-turn-lane left turn I have to make. Frankly, especially in the dying light, I don’t trust that the cell-phone-wielding drivers will see the road, let alone someone in it. I’ve never actually felt in danger, but it is the small extra dollop of stress….and so on the days of jammed traffic, I choose to ride on the extremely uncomfortable poorly kept not very safe sidewalk for the quarter mile or so until I get to the MUP. The one with the bridges I love.

Anyway, looking at I-95 today, it was clearly a sidewalk day.

As I was halfway down the steps, one of the giant trucks caught my eye.

It made me laugh, for some reason. I have no idea what the truck is advertising, but to see a giant grinning man peering over the side of the highway, it just seemed absurd.

As I made my way onto the MUP, after the torturous jolting along the sidewalk, the clouds and light again caught my eye, this time with the added wonder of water and reflection.

And I tried to get going again, and had to stop almost immediately to take yet another picture.

I love bridges. I love reflections.

I was very happy. And for some reason as I was putting my camera away, I had a second where I was looking over the rim of my sunglasses.

Those rose tinted sunglasses.

And I realized that there really is something to that rose tint. Here’s what I saw through my sunglasses, what made it especially compelling to stop to take those pictures:

What a difference that rosy outlook makes!

I did warn you that there would be photo litter.

Considering my struggles the past week to have something (anything!) to post, I have to say, it feels good to have a whole bunch, and to just post them with abandon.

What a strange month this has been!