Day 19: It is only my stubbornness that keeps me sticking to this (what was I thinking?!) commitment I made.

The day was an exhausting one. I’m feeling the impact of too many nights with not enough sleep.

I’ve learned that I can sometimes remember to say a mantra while I am pedaling to work (much harder on the way home from work, for some reason), but this morning I was too consumed with whether or not I was going to freeze my toes right off to think about mantras.

I keep hoping that I’ll look back at the end of this month of nablopomo’ing and be able to say “see, look, you pushed through and it was worth it.”

It usually is. And if it wasn’t for this (I’m such an idiot!) constraint to take pictures each day, I wouldn’t be taking pictures each day. I might not think much of what I’m getting, but I’m looking, and that’s actually the point.