Insanity. I should have been in bed hours ago, my panniers aren’t even packed, and here I am posting, because after I finished (finally!) the article I was writing, I realized I hadn’t posted my picture yet for today. Luckily I’d already taken it.

Over the years I’ve realized that once in a while I have something in my head that I want to express, and I either happen to see the picture that expresses it (to me) or I go looking for it, and find it usually. Moods or symbols, it all depends. Sometimes both. Sometimes others see what I am “saying”. Usually my pictures are simply because something catches my eye.

This afternoon, there was something I was trying to “say”. I feel like I captured it, but there is no telling what others read in it!

At the very least, I can say that the nablopomo mission was accomplished for one more day!