A few years ago an online friend mentioned that she uses shop towels instead of paper towels, and it got me thinking. And motivated. I still had a couple rolls of paper towels left, but I never bought any again. I used up those rolls (and slowly), and that was that. I have some towels I use instead, and as time goes on I’ll make a “rag pile” of any clothes that can’t be donated, so hopefully I’ll never need to purchase new towels for this purpose.

Around the same time, I stopped buying tissues. I was less clear on a replacement solution, and so for years I have had no tissues, but would use toilet paper instead. This works but isn’t ideal for many reasons.

And then I started biking. And it got colder, and my nose started running. I actually had a few handkerchiefs that I’d picked up off etsy, made from repurposed old oxford shirts, and they are great for tears, but not as good for runny noses. Plus, I needed more.

I asked the oracle (aka The Google) and found Hankettes.

I also found a great online retailer for them, kidbean.com. I found it pretty ironic that I was at a kid’s store to get myself some stuff, and as it turns out, I really like the philosophy of the business. They think about the social, environmental and animal aspects of what they sell. AND they shipped out those hankettes within hours, I kid you not, of my order.

As I told Rich, if only I hadn’t grown out of onesies, I’d never need to shop anywhere else.

Alas, it is only hankettes they can supply me, and by design, these are not items that need to be purchased over and over.

I’ve been using them this week, and it is pure love. Soft! Softer than tissues, and they’re easier to deal with while on a bike wearing gloves. And the fact that you can get a (recycled and reusable) box dispenser, so they’re conveniently at hand always? Those are the little details that make me smile.

I’ve officially greened my runny nose. What a wonderful mental picture that makes!