So today was The Big Day. The Day of The Vote. Seems pretty anticlimactic, though I suppose it is odd to say that given how long (weeks, perhaps, given previous years!) before we’ll know the results. Can it be anticlimactic before the outcome is known?

I rode by five polling stations on the way to work. The one I eventually voted at didn’t even register in my mind, since it was only 4:40 in the morning, and not a creature was stirring.

The next couple were pretty quiet. I did see people, but I assumed they were volunteers, getting things ready. Maybe they were. But not much further down the road I went by a school that had about fifty people waiting in line outside. And it was 30 minutes before it opened! Ten minutes later I went by a library that had at least 70 people waiting.

Craziness. So I dreaded my own post-work wait in line. And there was no line! I walked up, and my bike mentor, the one who had helped me figure out my route to work, handed me a sample ballot. I was like “hey, you probably don’t remember me, but you totally changed my life.” Okay, I didn’t gush quite like that, but we chatted for a few minutes, and he was perhaps impressed or maybe pleased that I was still commuting. He didn’t remember my name, but he remembered my commute!

Though I’m sure I could have figured out a route on my own, it gave me a significant amount of confidence in my ability to do the commute to have someone tell me how it could be done. And included in his instructions was “walk up the stairs and go through the sound barrier.”

I am so glad to have had that type of instruction. Approaching the sound barrier, I am on a road that feeds onto I-95, and those are your only choices. It dead-ends at a wall.

As I rode the first day, I was a little nervous. The wall looked like a solid wall. It wasn’t until I got closer that I could see the stairs and the ramp.

On my way back, I had to suspend my disbelief, because I knew I’d already walked through that wall!

This is one of the odd things that come with riding in the suburbs of a big town, I suppose.

At least it lets me say that I can ride right through the sound barrier…doesn’t that make me sound fast?

I stopped today to take a daylight shot of one of the bridges from the MUP I talked about yesterday. From the opposite direction altogether.

I found out that the bridge I posted yesterday carries the Amtrak trains. The bridge you can see in this picture carries the metro. There are a couple other bridges I ride under as well. I now have bridge fever, and will need to figure out what trains they carry!

And as it seemed so apropos for this election day, here’s a video of ani’s “Hello, Birmingham”, with images set to the song: