I was very cranky today, though it was fairly low key. Things were just getting on my nerves.

It was cold in the office, I didn’t bring enough food, I wasn’t hungry, but I wasn’t not hungry either. I was tired, I couldn’t concentrate. My coworker walked in and paused in the entrance to our pod, as he always does, so that when he says “good morning!!!” I’m forced to actually look up from my work to return his greeting. I always feel like he wants congratulations for arriving at work.

I had someone telling me that I’m “too extreme” because I rode in “weather like today” (dry, not windy, and 40F, which in biking-weather-terms meant I needed a windbreaker and a long sleeve t-shirt…) and dared to say that I’d ride even in weather colder than 40F.

I had other people telling me that I had to be careful, to be safe, and gritting my teeth I told them that if they’d drive safe, I’d BE safe.

Here is a bike-safety factoid – half of all bike accidents involving cars happen at night with bicyclists not using lights, despite that only 3% of all biking occurs at night.

That supports something I’ve said for a couple months now, that lights are more important for our safety than helmets. (Especially since there is no data that can prove for certain that helmets increase our safety.)

Anyway, crankiness all day.

And then on the way home, stopped at a light, I had some ignorant idiot tell me that “this isn’t a bike lane.” Duh. I agreed, and pointed out that it was nevertheless legal for me to be right where I was. He kept repeating that it is not a bike lane, and I kept asking him if he knew the law. He claimed he did. So I told him that he should already know that it was legal for me to be where I was.

Then he threatened me. “I’ll see you in the hospital.” He repeated that about three times throughout our “conversation”.

I got his license plate number. I’m thinking about contacting the police to report his threat.

It is no small matter – he was threatening grave bodily harm, possible homicide, definitely assault. If he had a gun, they’d be all over it. His car is at least as deadly to others with an attitude like his.

Unfortunately I know that the police are more of the mindset to harass bicyclists than to protect them. They care nothing for bike safety (no matter what they say) and they prove it by parking in the bike lanes with an absolute disregard to the safety of bicyclists. They drive on the mixed use paths, where motorized vehicles are strictly prohibited, and they are just as ignorant of the laws (in my experience) as the idiot who threatened me today is.

Judges are notorious for being equally as ignorant.

It was really a perfect end to a crappy day. I really don’t think people who have the kind of rage that the jerk today had should be allowed to operate a vehicle.

Nothing happened in the end. I don’t know where they went, but by the time, less than a quarter of a mile down the road, I was turning off, they were not behind me. I had to turn to look, because I had to get in the left lane, so I know for certain it was not the ignorant fool and his embarrassed son behind me. Maybe his POS car conked out and the light, and he became the traffic impediment that he was so angry at me for potentially being.

Nevermind that on that part of the road there are too many lights and too much traffic for ME to be an impediment.


Days like today make me want to find an island and post KEEP OUT signs.