As I was pedaling home, on one of the bigger roads with bike lanes, there were these two men on the sidewalk wearing safety (bright yellow with reflective tape) vests and holding clipboards. My first thought was that they were trying to get signatures, and my second was that that wasn’t exactly a prime foot traffic area.

And then they both started writing furiously on their clipboard as I rode by.

So my third thought was: It was a race! And I won!

I hope they got my number written down correctly, as I was going rather fast. It was “Forget Kung-Fu, I know ToFu.”

Seriously, though, I really hope they were there to record the type and amount of traffic that the area gets, and that I was helping put down one for the team.  I also hope they took a picture of the stupid landscaping truck that apparently got “bike lane” and “parking lane” confused!