Moods are such curious things. Half the time, at least for me, there seems to be little rhyme or reason to them. The mood of yesterday…poof.

It might have been the conquering of the hill, it might have been the Thai restaurant and the homey welcome I feel when I go there (not to mention the delicious food I took home with me), it might have been a fleeting and unusual sense of the warm fuzzies that said “home” as I dragged my laundry down the hall to the condo’s laundry room.

Maybe it was getting a new windbreaker to wear in the mornings, and laughing at myself because I almost look like a “real biker” in this snazzy new windbreaker. The mornings are just cool enough for me to be more comfortable with it.

Maybe it was needing to leave for work a little later than normal to avoid accruing overtime, and thus riding to work in the blushing fog-diffused morning light that makes me think impossible things.

Maybe it was all of those and none of them.

A low pressure system has moved in, and today was all smiles with scattered clouds.