Yesterday I was walking to yoga class, thinking about how happy it made me to walk to yoga class. I love that I wear essentially my pj’s to yoga. Which says more about my pjs (yoga pants and a t-shirt) than anything else, I suppose. Still, freshly showered from the bike ride home, wearing soft and comfy comfort clothes, walking to yoga class…it had me in a good mood.

I passed a family walking the other direction on the sidewalk, the mom carrying the small person in a small-person holder in front of her, one which had the small person facing outward. Something like the Wallaby, perhaps – I looked it up, in case my description was incomprehensible. The small person had her eyes on me. I don’t know why. Perhaps I was just more interesting than the traffic or the store fronts. Regardless, with her eyes on me and the hint of a smile on her face, I grinned at her. And I don’t know why I did that either, because I’m not the type to see children and automatically smile. But I grinned at this one last night. And she grinned back.

It was our secret communication. Much better than a complicated handshake, and a great way to start a yoga session.