I rode today, and I am glad I did. My hamstrings were, indeed, less sore today, though they were still quite vocal.

It is frustrating to not be able to push harder when I want to. Yet it was gratifying to see that I wasn’t doing too badly, even without the ability to push harder. I got through my tough parts of the morning commute, and as I approached the building I work in, I thought, “I’m here already?

That was the most gratifying part of the ride in, and it was exactly what I hoped for in pushing past my mental tiredness from the ride the afternoon before.

The ride home wasn’t as much fun. More of the mental tiredness, more grouchiness, and more headwinds. Yet I made it.

And I can’t help but to be grateful that the elements are picking up their intensity, so that I have a real and valid excuse for driving to work tomorrow. Mentally I need the break. Physically I need the break. Realistically neither of those matter, because 15-25mph winds with gusts of 40-50mph mean my bike ride just wouldn’t be safe.

Tomorrow: During much of the morning it will be mostly cloudy, increasingly windy, and still dry. By midday, rain chances will go up, and most if not all the area will see rainfall by afternoon. Winds sustained around 15-25 mph will be accompanied by occasional gusts of 40 mph or higher during the day and into the evening; even stronger winds are possible in the mountains and near the shoreline. Highs should top out in the quite cool low-to-mid 60s across the area.

I’m sure there are those who would ride regardless, but me, I’ll be in my truck tomorrow.

And as much of a relief as it is in some ways, there is just as much disappointment. I don’t like driving to work. I have fun riding my bike to work. Tomorrow’s commute will be physically easier, but more disappointing as well.

Now, since I had this song in my head on both of my commutes today, I thought I’d try to get it stuck in someone else’s head. I love this song, but it is the kind of song that makes me want to (try to) sing along with it, and that’s not really to anyone’s advantage, especially not during meetings. On the theory that if someone else gets it in their head, it will no longer be in mine, I give you ani’s Swim.