I started my day with 108 sun salutations. There were 11 of us, including Sarah, the teacher. I admit to being surprised that there were that many of us.

We sweat amazing amounts during those 108 sun salutations. It was both easier and harder than I’d have expected. My mat got very slippery. Afterwards I wasn’t sure if I wanted to take a nap or just float away.

Sarah provided some snacks afterwards, as she was having an open house/brunch for about an hour until the next class. I was able to replenish with some hummus and bruschetta and headed back home to take a shower. Which left me just enough time to chill out for a little while before going back to the yoga studio for a 2 hour hip opener class.

It wasn’t a difficult class the way doing 108 sun salutations was, but it was still challenging.

At the start of the class, the teacher mentioned that the hips are often where we store unconscious emotion, and so doing hip openers is often a very emotional experience. I didn’t feel any surprising emotion, for the most part, but I did feel at peace at the end.

She talked about connections, and inner peace and stillness. And how when I feel that moment of complete stillness and you feel that moment of complete stillness, we are one. That did make me want to cry, it was so beautiful.

I’m going to soak in a tub later tonight, and I’ll just have to hope that I haven’t asked too much of myself this weekend to be able to do my bike commuting.

It is so good to be back at the yoga studio.