I felt a lot closer to my limits today. These legs were tired and burning and felt somewhat dead. I could still push, but for limited amounts of time, and they let me know, loudly, that it was not appreciated.

I did remember to embrace the burn, and in doing so I realized that as tired as the muscles were, as painful as they were at times, there was still plenty left.

The hills…painful, but well within achievable range. The overall speed was definitely slower, but the important goal (getting home) was well within reach.

I gain more confidence by biking through fatigue than I gain when I’m fresh from a couple day’s rest. This is the same lesson I’ve learned in other aspects of my life. Not with regards to fatigue, specifically, but pushing the limits in general. Putting myself in positions where I’m not completely comfortable, not completely sure of myself.

I’ve gained and grown so much from where I’ve pushed myself.

It reminds me of that saying, something along the lines of: “Being brave doesn’t mean having no fear. Being brave means feeling scared and moving forward anyway.”