This morning was gorgeous. A bit muggy, it is true, but gorgeous nonetheless. Everything was quiet and hushed, and the moon hung huge and low. There is something soothing about the moon, and everyone else must have thought the same, and slept in, because the roads were extra quiet. Towards the end of the ride, I caught the soft flush of the sunrise as well.

I’d had an odd-mooded weekend, and the bike ride was just what I needed to snap out of it.

The ride home is always more challenging. The bigger side of the hills, more traffic, more attention required. And I would swear, more headwinds.

Today was a day of strong headwinds. I felt like I was battling the wind for about half the trip, trying to just put my head down and push forward.

I wonder, I found myself thinking, how much easier it would be if I would stop fighting the wind.

And I didn’t mean to give up, but rather to find a way to work with the wind. And how do you do that when the wind is at your head?

I didn’t figure that out. It might be just a tantalizing thought sparked by burning quads.

Or maybe it is my emotional responses that I need to stop fighting. Maybe I need to say, Hello wind, we meet again.