I stopped going to yoga classes about six months ago. I’m not sure why. Laziness, maybe.

Good habits are as hard to start as bad habits are to break…but really it is the same thing. Starting a good habit is breaking a bad habit.

I’ve been thinking more and more lately about going to yoga classes again. But then there is the bike commuting. Starting up with the yoga classes will mean some tired muscles, since they have not been used in a long time. As I am still, seven weeks into it, getting in bike-commute shape, it doesn’t seem quite the right time to court more muscle fatigue. Though part of me wonders if I’m not pushing myself hard enough, in general.

It is one of the aspects of physical activity for utility that is so different than physical activity for sport. A workout cut short might impact your training plan, but when the point of the exertion is to get somewhere, it changes things.

At least it does for me.

There’s one yoga class that is different from the typical type of class that most of us are familiar with. Yin yoga, it is difficult to explain, but suffice to say it is more about passive poses held for long periods that let our body’s weight and gravity perform the work to stretch and align and open. The soreness that comes from it is of the stretched variety, not the muscle fatigue variety.

And so today I went. It was a bit like going home, going to a place where you are comfortable and familiar, and where it is comfortable and familiar. It was good to be back.