It wasn’t me, it was an SUV.

I was at a light, paying no attention to the cages around me, just waiting for my turn to cross the intersection.

I heard a beep, and looked toward the car that beeped, which was in the left turn lane of the road I was waiting to cross.



The car waiting to turn left had beeped at a SUV going through the intersection. I hadn’t noticed anything amiss, not that I’d been paying much attention, nor do I think I would have been able to see something wrong from the angle I was at. The SUV going through the intersection smashed into a streetlight on the right side of the road, just past the crosswalk.

I stared with my jaw dropped at the SUV not 15 yards away from me, laying on its driver’s side, the passenger side front corner smashed in, and watched as bits and pieces of SUV rained down on the pedestrian who’d been waiting at the crosswalk for the walk signal.

It must have missed her by a foot.

She was hit a tiny bit by the bumper, I believe, but only after it was falling from the sky, not while it was attached to the SUV.

I wheeled my bike to the side of the road, got out my cell phone, asked the woman if she was okay. She indicated that something had hit the back of her head, but that she was fine. I dialed 911, and before I had a chance to hit “send”, there was a cop car, lights flashing and siren blaring coming through the intersection.

That was surreal, actually. I know they must have been nearby, but it was like 20 seconds after the crash that the first cop was there, followed quickly by the second. They blocked the whole road in that direction, and it seemed like I’d hardly blinked before there was a cop on top of the SUV trying to get the passenger door open.

“Ma’am, look down! I’m going to try to smash the window. Protect your face. Look down!”

So, I’m guessing that she was awake, more or less okay, and more or less lucid.

Soon there were four cop cars and two fire trucks.

I never did see them get the woman out of the SUV. With all the cop cars and fire trucks on their way, I had to wait for about four light cycles before I could get across that intersection.