They had a nest right near my patio, and it seemed like whenever I was outside (and if I paid attention, even if I was inside) I would hear a constant insistent chirping. Hungry babies!

The bush their nest was in was too dense for me to see through, and it was up too high for me to have a good view of, so I would only see the parents as they’d fly in and out, delivering the food for the babies.

The other day I heard the chirping coming from a slightly different place. And on a nearby fence were two birds. I watched them for a while, and one seemed sort of unsteady, and that was the one that was making all the noise. I got the impression that it was one of the babies, and one of the parents.

A bit later that was confirmed, when they were on the steps, and I got to see the parent feeding something to the baby.

It was interesting. I don’t know all that much about the transition from out-of-the-nest to independent adult, but at least for these birds, it seemed clear that that’s what I was witnessing. I did see the baby hop around on the grass and pick up some things, so he or she must be in the process of being “weaned”.