Last night I picked up a few essentials (rear blinkie, frame pump, handlebar bag), and attached it all to the bike.  I set the alarm for 4:30am.  4:30! Crazy, isn’t it? But I wanted to get to work around my normal time, and since I’m slow I knew I had to budget an hour and a half for the ride.  I wanted to be out of the house at 5am.  It also means less traffic to worry about.

I left 10 minutes later than I wanted, and I enjoyed every second of the ride. It took me an hour and 20 minutes (slower than I want, but faster than expected) and it was great. It was easy, despite the hills.  There was a certain amount of that special discomfort….I do need a different saddle.

I’ve been haunting the bike forums the past month or so, and one of the things the commuters often say is that work is the forced rest time between the morning and evening ride. 

I understand now, I do. 

I’ve never enjoyed the trip to work before. Today was fun. I arrived at work with a big grin. I’m looking forward to my trip home, to the ride itself. Tired legs and all.

I told a friend that I feel like Superman without the blue lycra. I went into the bathroom stall a hero (okay, a bike commuter, but with all these endorphins I feel like a hero) and came out a software engineer.