A lot of people go to BBQ’s or potlucks for the 4th, and likely watch some fireworks as well. Me, I just have to be different!

It was Day 2 of my “staycation” and I was pretty productive, in that laid back way that is so nice. I’d had a few things I wanted to get done, and repainting my living room wall was one of them. Somehow doing it in the middle of four days off didn’t seem intrusive, the way it would on one of my two days off in a normal weekend.

Last year, soon after I moved in, I painted a living room wall a sort of orange color. It was okay, I liked it in some ways, especially in natural light, but in artificial light it looked a bit more..well, orange, than I really wanted. It was worth trying at any rate! But I was ready for something different.

I debated a little, and finally went with green.

Midway through the project:

midway through the repainting

“Sage Sweater” it is called. What a sweater has to do with the color description, I don’t think I’ll ever understand. Sage isn’t a bad description, though it is lighter than I’d think of sage. It can look a little bit bluer sometimes, or a little bit duskier others. So far I’ve liked it under all lighting.

The mood of a place can be affected so much by the colors in it. This was really obvious to me after making this switch. There is just something more restful about the green. Soothing.

It is more of a sanctuary, I guess. A place of green and growing things. I was drawn to the green, perhaps influenced by my gardening this year, and also in hopes that it would be a cheerful reminder of the upcoming spring in the dead of winter.

I hate the dead of winter. A reminder of spring will be most welcome!

finished repainting