It is funny, Sorrow had tagged me for a quote meme, and I knew I’d use at least one ani quote…to be honest, I could have used a hundred, her lyrics just resonate that much with me. But I chose only one, and it isn’t one of the ones that sprung immediately to mind.

And somehow, having chosen it, it has been on my mind a lot the past few days. I keep looking around my life, and that phrase is everywhere, “if you don’t live what you sing about, your mirror is gonna bite.”

I think that this is one reason why certain things are so easy for me. Go vegetarian? No problem. Go vegan? No problem. Once I see what I need to do, it is more uncomfortable to me to go against that than to make whatever changes. It is a driving need to live what I sing about, I guess.

And yeah, there are always limitations.

My commute, I thought was one of them.

I’m rethinking that.

I started reading some blogs (being bored at work has been one of the catalysts for some big life changes!) about various issues in the DC metro area. Started with DCist, of course, and then it expanded. I found myself reading some cycling blogs.

“What am I doing reading these?” I asked myself. I haven’t used my bike in 3 years, it hurt…everywhere…when I did ride it, and my nose ran constantly. But I was bored at work, so I kept reading. And sure enough, my imagination caught fire. Someone commuting to work, year round, from a fair distance away. He has a commute that takes him one hour each way, and that’s about what I expect it would take me as well. He has commuted in all kinds of weather, he’s done this for 2 years now.

There was something about reading the every day story of someone who is doing what I’ve been excusing myself from doing….something that makes me look in the mirror and face the fact that I’m not living what I’ve been singing about.

I have a lot of details to work on – my bike needs a tune-up, I might need a different bike altogether if I can’t figure out how to get comfortable on a road bike, and anyway I want a bike that will let me carry groceries too. I need to take a refresher course on street riding (signed up for June 28, actually), I need to scope out the route because while I’ve been thrilled to learn that about 10 of my 11.5 miles will be on an actual bike trail, there’s an ugly mile at the end that I have to take a hard look at.

And these current plans are essentially assuming I am moved to the new office location, which won’t happen until the fall. If I find out that I’m staying at my current location, I’ll have to research more. This is an idea that is sticking hard in my brain, and I’m not sure I’ll be able to let it go.

I’m breathless at the idea of being able to give up my car, at least for the week days. For now, the 30 miles each way to the sanctuary will be under an expectation of driving. As will the less often 70 mile trips to the other sanctuary.

It is a challenge to continue to align my life with my beliefs, but a challenge in the best way.

pepper leaf and raindrops