My eggplant has two blossoms in various stages, not ready to bust out into full bloom quite yet, but hanging in there. I now obsessively watch the weather predictions as much as I do the garden itself – looks like we’re clear of 95 degrees through most of this coming week, at least. I just don’t quite see how that will hold out until my wee eggplant can manage to give me some fruit, but we’ll see!

The tomatoes are coming along, they seem to grow in visible increments every day. I’m very impatient, given that I have likely about 6 weeks to wait until they’re actually ripe. I planted a plum tomato plant last weekend, which at the very least will have a quicker time per tomato!

I also bought a basil plant at the farmers market last weekend, and it also seems to be doing well. There’s all kinds of new growth on the plant, which is fantastic, because I love growing fresh herbs! That one went into a pot so I can bring it inside when the weather gets cold. I’m going to slowly add to that collection of fresh growing herbs.

The newest news though is that my cucumber plants have blossomed. I have one fully opened bloom on each of the four plants. I’d been keeping an eye on the star shaped pre-blooms, but I missed the beginnings of the blooming itself, because what I saw was as if there was nothing one day, and a fully opened blossom the next! Now that I’m looking closer, I see others getting ready to open on each plant, with the pale yellow color showing through. I hope the cucumbers do well! The only plant left that hasn’t displayed a bloom are the peppers. The buds are there, though, they’re just taking their time.

So, the garden goes well. I am content. If not exactly patient!

cucumber flower