What’s up with this weather?

Granted, we’re approaching records but breaking only some of them, so I guess it isn’t completely crazy weather. Then again, when I look at the headlines, they seem to be full of extremes everywhere. Earthquakes, floods, tornadoes, cyclones…

Heat waves.

I read last week that the first heat wave of every season is the most dangerous, that more people die in the first heat wave every summer than in later ones, presumably because we’ve acclimated a bit as the summer wears on. We’re in the middle of our first heat wave this year, and it was extra dangerous because it followed an unusually cool spring. To top it off, we had tens of thousands of people without power this weekend.

Now that had to have been rough. I was feeling the heat this weekend, and I like hot weather! The humidity was soupy and gross, though, and I’m not at all a fan of humidity.

So, we had a tornado on Wednesday, thousands of people without power through Saturday night, and a heat wave that started on Friday, but really picked up on Saturday, and is going to last through tomorrow, at least.

It just seems odd to me. Maybe I didn’t pay attention as much last year, but I don’t remember weather like this at all!