I read some really interesting articles in various photoblogs today. The summary:

  • photography isn’t really art…and that’s a good thing
  • art is a verb!
  • daily practice is important, and for reasons that relate to a book called Blink.

Well, that seems good enough for a recap. Those are the three thoughts that were important enough to me to stick, anyway.

Daily practice is hard for me. I’m away from the house for 10 hours a day, and while that sounds like it would leave plenty of time for some photos, it doesn’t leave much room for inspiration. However, to practice the technical skills (so that when we’re inspired, we’re not thinking about the hows) doesn’t necessarily require inspiration.

Luckily it has gotten a bit easier in the past few days, coinciding neatly with my excitement over my garden. things are growing! The blossom on the eggplant plant went from looking tired and already done to suddenly being a pale purple, and then today it was spread open. A lot of change in two days!

eggplant flower

My heirloom tomato plant has been blossoming like mad ever since I brought it home. Today I noticed two tomatoes started on it!

early tomato on heirloom

And even the stuff I planted by seed (way too late in the season, but it seemed worth a try anyway) is starting to show some real progress. A wee tomato plant!

tomato sprouting

I find myself going out to my little patio as soon as I get home from work to take a look at the green things growing. The weeds need some attention of course, they grow faster than anything else.

One of the things that I love about my newfound obsession with gardening and with taking pictures of the things growing in my garden is that it makes me feel really connected to … well, a lot of things. To the “art is a verb!” statement. Taking pictures of my growing garden is a two-dimensional verb!

And it makes me very happy to have nourishing things growing right outside my door. To connect myself to that aspect of life, to gain those skills, experience, knowledge.  Gardening gives me a feeling of peace.

Round 2 of Stormy Weather Night is kicking into high gear now.  A tornado supposedly touched down about 10 miles from me earlier this afternoon, but now we just have a lot of rain and thunder and lightening.  Rainy days bothered me so much more before I had a garden to nurture.  Now I’ll press my ear against the glass of the window, and just listen.