About a year ago, I read Food Not Lawns and it changed some things for me. I had wanted to do some gardening, but Food Not Lawns made me feel that, as someone concerned about the environment, it was more of an obligation to grow some of my own food. An obligation to the earth herself, to my ideals.

I tried last year, but I can’t claim any level of success. It was half-hearted, I’ll admit that, on top of me being clueless.

I’m still mostly clueless, and I started a bit later than I likely should have, but I have growing plants in the ground right now. I have an eggplant, some peppers, cucumbers, a couple tomato plants. The tomato plants are flowering, as is the eggplant, and I believe I recognized a soon-to-be flower on one of the pepper plants. I put in a bunch of seed as well (the rest I bought as partially grown plants) and some of them are sprouting as well.

It feels good. I feel like I’m doing something. Growing things is always a source of pleasure, I believe, but in addition to that normal pleasure in green things, I feel like I am slowly making my way towards etching my own world within the larger world.

Progress is slow, as it always is if it is positive. It is motivating nevertheless.

lenny and jeremy on my truck