I was at the grocery store and a picture caught my eye. “That’s ani!” I thought. And it was, right on the cover of…Mothering magazine? Well, I picked it up to read the interview and felt like a poseur while I was checking out!

Looks like it is a pretty good magazine. I saw adverts for happy heiney’s, which I am familiar with after researching and helping get a friend into cloth diapering. I saw an anti-advert by adbusters, which was pretty cool. I saw some recipes that look pretty good. I’m going to have to make copies of those.

But the magazine itself, I’m giving away to someone who is a mother and interested in it! I read the ani article, and I thought it was pretty cool, but the rest of the magazine will go to waste (other than the recipes), so I want to get it in the hands of someone who is interested. It is the may-june 2008 issue. I’ll pay postage, just leave me a comment and I’ll email you for your address.

And while I’m at it – giving away things that have to do with being a parent – I have a book called “My mother wears combat boots: a parenting guide for the rest of us.” I am a “friend of AK press” which means they send me books every month, whatever is recently published. And while this book really does look interesting, it is never going to be relevant to me, and so I know I won’t end up reading it! So, it too is being offered free to a good home. Here’s AK Press’ blurb about it:

Jessica Mills is a touring musician, artist, activist, writer, teacher, and mother of two. Disappointed by run-of-the-mill parenting books that didn’t speak to her experience, she set out to write a book tackling the issues faced by a new generation of moms and dads. The result is a parenting guide like no other. Written with humor, extensive research, and much trial and error, My Mother Wears Combat Boots delivers sound advice for parents of all stripes. Amid stories of bringing kids (and grandparents) to women’s rights demonstrations, taking baby on tour with her band, and organizing cooperative childcare, Jessica gives detailed nuts-and-bolts information about weaning, cloth vs. disposable diapers, the psychological effects of co-sleeping, and even how to get free infant gear. This book provides a clever, hip, and entertaining mix of advice, anecdotes, political analysis, and factual sidebars that will help parents as they navigate the first years of their child’s life.