I read today that Utah Phillips has died.

I’m sure most people don’t know who he was, and many likely wouldn’t care regardless. But for me, he was someone who could teach and inspire through his stories and songs. I never saw him in concert, I never met him, and that’s a regret. It would have been something to remember.

I’m so glad that ani worked with him on a few albums – that’s how I was introduced to his music. You can hear something of Utah through his podcasts.

Utah was a thoughtful man, the kind of man who would seek out knowledge, not from books, but from the experiences of others. He would talk to people, and find out what they knew, what they’d lived, and that is the knowledge that Utah trusted. He was the folksinger equivalent of Howard Zinn.

It makes me so sad to hear that Utah has died. He had so much to teach and to share. I feel like I’ve lost a friend, which must sound silly for someone who I never met.

Nevertheless. Rest in peace, friend.