Sometimes I feel like my life is consumed by my activism (which mostly doesn’t show up on this blog, so you’ll have to take my word for it!), and other times I feel like it is impossible to ever do enough. To be effective enough. This is an uncomfortable tension, to say the least.

The frustrating thing, in some ways, is that it is never up to one person to change the world. At the same time, it is always up to one person to change the world. What I mean is that we all have the chance to change the world by every action we take, every decision we make. Be the change we want to see, right? Ghandi said it so simply, so profoundly. Itty bitty changes, they are, but combined together they can become significant. If everyone did one small thing, it would be revolutionary in the difference it would make. We all have that power.

In fact, the only way real change will happen is if we all make those changes, be those changes. It starts with us, it comes from us. It isn’t about who is elected to this position of power or that position of power. We decide, we act, we change. Together, we change the world. Sounds naive, doesn’t it? Yet it is realistic as well…much much more realistic, in my opinion, than thinking that change will magically happen if and when the “right” person is elected to a position of power.

Whenever I think about these things, Ben Harper comes to mind. “With my own two hands”