I’ve been really really bored at work lately, and so I have been using my google reader to surreptitiously find more blogs to read. I feel guilty about that (I do read up on work related stuff as well, but for 9 hours…suffice to say there is not enough caffeine in the world to counteract this kind of boredom), but I do it anyway. Some of those are photo blogs of course, and through those photo blogs I’ve stumbled across some really really amazing sites.

One that sticks in my mind is the photos of Martine Fougeron. She took pics of her two sons over the course of what must be a few years, from early adolescence until mid or late teens.

The New Yorker says:

Like Tina Barney, whose work haunts this show, Fougeron photographs her extended family in domestic and leisure settings that suggest a kind of privileged comfort. Like Nan Goldin, another key influence, Fougeron is alert to the erotic possibility of every encounter—all the more intriguing when her subjects are her two handsome teen-age sons and their circle of friends. Fougeron’s pictures of Adrian and Nicolas sleeping or lounging about in Greenwich Village and the South of France have a lovely looseness and spontaneity, but they never feel like snapshots. Color energizes the work and adds to its sensual undertow.

And while I can definitely see in her pictures what they have to say about them, my description would be much simpler. Captivating. Wonderful. Inspiring. Intimate.

It is sort of like wine – I know if I like it or not, I don’t have the words to explain exactly why.

Check it out, and see what you think. (And despite the use of the word “erotic” in the new yorker’s description, there is nothing that isn’t safe for work.) The funny thing is that I’m learning that I’m really drawn to artists who capture pictures of people in this amazing way. Because of or despite that I avoid having people in my own pictures? I think because of. I would love to have the talent to capture people like this.